Mrs. Patton's 5th Grade

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"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." -Dr. Seuss

School Improvement Goals:


ELA:  All students will improve their ELA skills across the curriculum.

            -Guided Reading

            - Author’s Purpose

            - Guided Highlighted Reading

             -Text Features



            -6+1 Traits

            -Collins Writing Program


Math:  All students will be proficient in Math.

            Algebra and Geometry (6-12)

            -Spiral Review


             -Board Work

            Numbers and Operations (K-12)

             -Daily Interactive Practice


              -Daily Math Questions

              -Math Manipulatives

              -Real life opportunities

            Measurement and Conversions (K-5)

               -Spiral review

                -Learning groups

                -Real world applications


 Science:  All students will be proficient in Science

            Earth Science (5-8)

                 -Guided highlighted reading

                  -Interactive lessons

            Physical Science (K-4)

                   -Guided highlighted reading

                   -Guided note taking

                    -Interactive lessons

            Research Summary (9-12)

                    -Guided highlighted reading

                     -Research based activities


            Scientific Process/Inquiry (K-12)

                        -Hands on activities



                        -Peer labs

                        -Using scientific tools

                        -Using interactive videos and websites


 Social Studies:  All students will be proficient in Social Studies.

            Civics and Economics

                        -Lesson development focused on civic practices

                        -Spiral Review

                        -Character Education

                        -MEAP focus areas

            History and Geography

                        -Guided Highlighted reading

                        -Use of informational text

                        -Differentiated lessons

                        -Guided reading for informational text